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4 Tips Secrets Cozy Living Room

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Cozy living room? What are the criteria?

Perhaps you’ve been to a house, and you were in his living room. You are not aware of having to wait a long time, but you do not feel tired, even want to linger in the living room even if you are waiting for the host to meet you.

The cozy living room is not only visually appealing but also makes the guest feel at home. What’s the secret?

These four secrets make a cozy living room :

1.Position Sofa

The sofa could be one of the most large-sized pieces of furniture in your living room. Thus, different placement also varies the effect produced. Place the sofa directly opposite the door. Unconsciously, this placement gives the impression you are greeted with a very welcome guest.

However, if it turns out you are forced to couch his back entrance, try adding a console table behind it. Complete tables with decorative lamps as well as some exciting hardback book. A beautiful table is what will welcome special guests to your home

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2.Focal Point

Every room needs a rest area for the eyes. You can make a fireplace in the living room or decorate the room with a variety of artwork, lighting shade, or beautiful scenery. This area also helps to define the function of the room.

When the way was considered impossible, one of the easiest ways is to display one of your favorite items. In addition to being a focal point, these goods will stimulate an endless conversation with your guests.


Before installing the carpet, specify in advance the utilization of the room. If you want a large area and is open to the whole family gathered, sisal rugs can be the first choice. The texture that is not too hard or soft makes these rugs can be used in any room.

However, if you want to create a private and comfortable atmosphere, wool carpets or rugs fluffy answer, add some cushions on the carpet to create a casual atmosphere in the room.


Your living room should be nuanced “invite.” The last secret is to add accessories. Add accessories soft fabric for added comfort. Accessories can be a big pillow, soft blankets that covered the sofa, or sheepskin cloth. Undoubtedly your guests reluctant to move from your home.


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