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Choosing Floor Material For Home Decoration

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Floor material: The floor is the base of a space that has a vital role in strengthening the existence of objects that are in it. Floor general function is to support the activities in space and form a space character. When people walk on it, the characters that appear are a durable, non-slippery, and neutral colour. The floor has a vital role in supporting loads directly from the goods and activity on it.

In terms of aesthetics, the floor serves to beautify the space and shape the character of the room. Theme colours and images displayed can take appropriate character concept raised—some of the themes that can be applied like traditional, modern, minimalist, or retro.

The function of each space in a diverse residential design makes for a different floor. Terms of flooring materials include a safe, durable, strong, moisture resistant, easy to clean, and absorbs heat. Floor covering warm material is carpet, parquet, cork, rubber, while the material is cold is marble, ceramic, granite.

On some floor space, you have to put up with rough-textured materials, such as bathrooms, terrace, and garage. The bathroom is the most frequently exposed to water, so slippery and cause the user to slip. Similarly, the terrace, when exposed to rainwater splashed, will be slippery so it should be installed flooring material harder

In the garage, rough texture to work avoids slippage due to friction between the tires. Use the easy-clean floor to the kitchen, and do not leave stains in the pores of the floor and grout connections that may interfere with the beauty of the floor

Floor material

Using this type of flooring is varied to distinguish the function can be applied to residential space small to reduce the bulkhead space. Here are some types of floor materials with diverse characteristics as consideration of an application on your space

1. Plaster

Type of floor material is classified as the cheapest and straightforward because the current was treated like a plastered wall that stirs until smooth. The difference is, do step scrubbing floors until smooth and glossy. Posed the same colour as the colour of cement and tended to be darker. In some applications performed evenly in the living space, has a weakness when the crack can not be replaced with the material, so it must be patched. Fillings that appear aesthetically looks good. We recommend using modules when applying the plaster on the floor of your dwelling, as it will reduce the risk of fillings that reduce the aesthetic value.

2. Ceramics

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This type of floor material most widely used in residential because it can be applied to almost all parts of the house. In addition to healthy, From house floor, ceramic materials also do not require polishing and easy in maintenance. Currently available a variety of ceramic texture visually similar to other types of material, such as textured ceramic marble, granite, wood, stone, and brick. Use ceramics with bright colours on your small residential to give the impression of the room.

3. Marble

Marble is much preferred because it looks classy and luxurious. Texture and pattern of irregular and limited natural supply of this material make the price is relatively high. Material marble has a cold and robust impression. Marble weakness is having relatively large pores and thus require extra care because marble is easy to absorb the liquid and leave a stain if not quickly cleaned up. There is no harm in applying marble on your tiny dwelling, which needs to be considered are relatively tricky treatment process. Choose the size of a small marble to give the impression of vast space

4. Granite

Granite has pores, which is denser than the marble, so it has a smaller probability to enter the water and dirt. Granite has a relaxed impression and accented sturdy. Granitic rocks can be obtained from a hill or a mountain of granite. However, in line with technological developments, have also been available artificial granite with a pattern that is a more diverse and cheaper price. Just as ceramic and marble, choose a simple pattern with bright colours that space does not seem cramped.

5. Wood

To obtain a natural element in the dwelling, you can use the parquet floor. Wood materials give the impression of a warm and natural in space. In addition to coming from solid wood, parquet material today is derived from non-wood materials such as bamboo. The other type is a laminate which is then processed wood surface is the result of printing. Choose a colour that is not too dark to give the impression area. Also, it would help if you were smart to choose a motive to keep your room does not seem cramped.

6. Stone

Natural stone can be applied as a flooring material, such as stone slabs and stone slagedang. The second type of stone is quite resistant to weather, but looking stone texture uniform is not easy. Problems often arise when applying the stone as a flooring material is non-uniform width. But it just adds to the room becoming increasingly natural. The rock material has a cold impression. Use material stone floor in individual rooms to accent the space, such as a terrace or a bathroom.

7. Vinyl

Vinyl -based PVC has better flexibility than other materials such as wood or natural stone. Currently, vinyl floor material has a texture very many and varied. The execution of vinyl flooring was relatively easy, carried out with the stick on the ground floor flat ascertained. The impression given is warm vinyl material. The assembly of these materials as put a sticker on the surface of the ground floor.

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