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In The Living Room , Choosing Asombroso And Soft Furnishings

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Furnishings in the living room

Soft furnishings in the living room require planning and careful design because, in this space, a lot of interior elements are used, such as sofas, seats, carpets, and curtains.

Sofas And Seating

Begin choosing soft furnishings to choose a sofa cover material first because of the room’s dominant furniture. You can create a matching color combination for every furnishing with different shades. But the sofa color that contrasts with other elements in space is also an exciting idea. After the sofa is elected, adjust the style and color, furnishing other seating to the sofa.

Color and pattern pillows can take the color and pattern sofa. Alternatively, it can also take the colors that contrast with the sofa’s dominant color so that it accentuates uniqueness. Trimming such as tape, rope, tassel, or even the tassel will generate an attractive garnish when applied to these pillows.


It would help if you were careful in choosing these curtains. Although it is on the side of the wall, the size is broad enough to attract attention. If one chose, curtains could significantly disrupt the order of space. Choice of colors corresponding to the color of the walls is the safest option. Or, at least, choose a neutral color or light color soft.

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If patterned, choose a smooth complexion. Avoid patterns that exactly match the sofa because it would lead to a formal, monotonous, and dull impression. Form a straight curtain without much detail is also the safest option. Drapes and ruffles can be applied only when the room is quite spacious and neutral color or soft, so avoid a bustling and exaggerated impression.


The carpet will make the room feel softer and warmer. You can also choose a tapestry of unique hand-woven carpets as a substitute. The selection of carpet can be a small carpet of only a little wider than the table. The advantage, small carpet is easily removed and cleaned. However, when pleased to relax on the floor, oversized rugs have been better suited for coating the floor.

Adjust the color of the carpet with other soft furnishings, especially the sofa. If the sofa is not patterned or straight, you can choose a patterned carpet. However, if the own couch motives, you should select a plain carpet that is not too crowded and collided motives.

After determining the colors laid out in the living room, now is the time you choose soft furnishings.

Before applying the soft furnishings in the room, you should follow these steps:

  • Go into some soft furnishing store to see many variations of the existing furnishing.
  • Ask each piece of fabric includes trimming (ribbon, tassel, and so on) and the carpet to combine them.
  • Combine several shades and types of fabrics but retain ties to remain harmonious colors.
  • Place the fabric on white paper. If you can, get a large piece of cloth applied to large furniture such as sofas and small pieces for accessories or cushions. This way, you can imagine more clearly how the results after application in the living room.

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