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How to Create a Nautical Decor Room on a Budget?

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Decor Room

Having distinctive decor does not have to break the bank. In reality, the best way to begin with any new themed decor room is to get a couple of nice pieces and then build around them. A nautical etched mirror, etched glass lighthouse coffee table, or an exceptional clipper ship couch may be an excellent starting point.


Of course, the very best things to decorate with are the things you find yourself and which have a private connection to something or somewhere in yesteryear. This is the reason it’s better to go slow and get your items a little at a time. This makes things even more significant as the decoration becomes a monument to your creativity.

To begin with, look through magazines and on the world wide web to locate images of the sort of places that you are thinking about. Then in case you discover an outstanding picture, do not be afraid to rip it out (or print it out) and place it in a wonderful frame. An excellent picture of a beachfront or a lighthouse from a magazine a wonderful framework will add considerably to your room, and folks do not need to know that it is a page from a magazine or the net.

Grand Home Furnishings

Furnishings can be purchased second hand, or you could update the furniture that you currently have. There are stencils available in nautical topics which may be used to easily add new life to a classic table.

You will diverse and many items that will fit what you are considering, and most likely, they will not cost you plenty of money. Also, you may find real items like signal flags and sailboat cleats there. It all depends on the sort of look you’ve got in mind for your decoration.

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Knick Knack

Favorite nautical decoration knickknack job of mine is the easy shipwreck diorama. Here’s the way to make it. Purchase a model kit of a sailboat or whatever sort of ship you want in your landscape. Get a piece of wood that is a little larger than the model.

I like to use wood plaques which you may find at craft supply stores. (They frequently already have felt connected to aside, and you can have them finished or unfinished. If you use the bare one go ahead and complete it) and attach to aside a piece of fine sandpaper. This will be your beach.

Then construct the model, spray paint it with a thin coat of light grey paint and allow it to dry. After the first coat of paint is to apply another coat of gloss white and allow it to dry. Then tape a line about halfway down the hull and paint the lower arch with flat dark grey, black, or dull horizontal red paint.

This will make it seem more authentic. After all of the paint has had time to completely dry, lightly sand the entire model so that a number of the grey shows through the white. Break the mast and allow the upper portion of the mast to lie on the deck. And drill a few holes in the hull.

Finally set the model on the sandpaper so that it is listing to one side. Then get some model palm trees out of a hobby store and set them around the ship. As a final touch, you’ll be able to find some resin clay from a hobby shop and (if you’ve got the artistic ability ) use it to create miniature seashells and put those around the ship. Glue the boat into the sandpaper and you are done.

Nautical Decor

Of course, all of these are suggestions there are a lot more things you can do to complete your nautical decor on a budget. Make it what you want it to be, do not be afraid to try something different or new. And above all: Have Fun!

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