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10 Design Ideas Garden Windows

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Garden windows: The presence of a park in residential areas can be their entertainment for the residents, both as relaxation and to pamper the tired eyes after activity at work and other activities. However, limited land makes homeowners tend to choose to meet residential land with buildings (full building) without leaving the land for green open area or park in the residential neighbourhood.

Nonetheless, limited land is not necessarily a barrier to the creation of a green atmosphere in the house. This can be circumvented by creating a garden in the house, which of course can adjust its size or the extent of state-owned land with proper handling.

Creating a garden in the house can be used as a form of expression as well as homeowners and entertainment for its owner so that the required proportion of good to be able to make everyone who saw it become more comfortable and relaxed. The presence of the park, creating a microclimate in the area of ​​the house, good air quality will increase with freshness and coolness that is presented through the park.

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Small space also allows a park presented to the house, such as the following design, garden windows. Park at the bottom of the window allow air and sunlight can be directly leading to the garden, so the parks are in good condition, sufficient outdoor air and sunlight.

If the park is close to home openings such as doors and windows, the need for skylights or light from the roof can be minimized. To park corner, selecting plants do not need too much, just a little branch and the growing upward or vertically upwards, like a bamboo plant water, Ashoka, and lily.

The following is a collection of garden windows; we hope the following ten pictures can be your inspiration to organize a minimalist garden around the house.

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