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Living Room Furniture : Make Your Guests Comfortable

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Living room furniture

The living room is the most space possible to be enjoyed by someone other than a family, especially if you are the type of family that was very happy to receive guests and stay with neighbors.

Therefore, the living room is one room became the primary focus of his design to be noticed. As far as possible, make the guests feel comfortable staying at home even though only in the living room. In another case, if the trip was a close relative, you can immediately take her to the living room or dining room.

The living room can be arranged in various themes as well as inspiring the following living room setup.


Your home, including small? No need to worry. The small living room can look beautiful with a minimalist design. Let the white-colored walls give the impression of broad, decorate the walls with paintings, and give special lighting. Also, use light-colored furniture and simple yet firmly shaped. Avoid storing large furniture, let alone furniture that wasn’t too needed because it can narrow your room.

Alternatively, you can create a built-in couch with the room so that no corner is wasted. Create the base sofa from wood and keep bearing upon it. Still using similar colors, decorate the sofa with a cushion at each of its corners. As a variation, you create a blend of colors on the cushion.

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The most exciting part is the selection of coffee table is used. One of the ways that can be done to get around the small living room is to use a coffee table that can be merged with the base sits. If a guest comes to only 1-3 people, use the built-in sofa. If it takes more than that, you can use puff, located under the coffee table. Pull the puff; you will get an extra sitting facility.

Minimalist retro

The theme of this living room minimalist retro. A retro-style born around the year 70s has been the role of fashion in his time. Now, the style is back with a touch of modern style-minimalist. To avoid the impression of parents on the space, combine retro-style furniture with more modern furniture.

This retro-style living room is located adjacent to the living room. Due to its difference, more living spaces are public, and the family room is private, then it must be a separator between spaces. The selected separator in this space in the form of a glass partition with florals combined with some wooden shelves as ornaments.

As the delimiter, placed a partition in the form of patterned glass (sandblast sticker). The material glass was chosen because it does not give the impression of an arrow space. Also, with the presence of stickers florals, the partition becomes not very transparent.

With two theme inspiration in determining the minimalist living room furniture, hopefully, make your guests comfortable.


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