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What Makes French Country Decor So Special and Unique?

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French Country Decor

The colors used in this kind of decorations will be inspired by nature and will typically include colors like lavender that reminds you of wildflowers blossoming from the hills. Other colors used include gold, which reminds you of the suns.

French Country Decorating

French country decor attempts to create a rustic mood and makes you think back to old world charm and relaxation. At precisely the same time, it’s noticed that there might be several variations in this kind of decor, but even then, there are lots of common elements that permeate every different kind.

By way of instance, nature plays a large role in French country decorations, and thus it’s not uncommon to include a fireplace made out rock, and this fireplace is usually selected as the focus of the room.

Additionally, this kind of decoration also incorporates pots where various herbs are planted, and the arrangement of flowers is such that they remind one of a French garden. Candles are often used to highlight other decorative things, making the space seem charmingly French and incredibly countryside like.

Country French Fabrics

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When choosing fabrics, most people who are engaging in French country decorations will decide on those fabrics that contain flowers and animal motifs, and lily pattern mainly is trendy.

Furniture Room Planner

Even cushions make for a very great French nation accent thing also. If you would like to add carpets, you may be wise to opt for those created from natural rather than synthetic materials. Typically, you may want to use cotton and possibly even wool to soften the appearance of the furniture in the room.

French Country Furniture

When opting for black colored furniture products, you should select those with a rustic feel to them, although some folks even choose to utilize furniture made from aluminum that works well with French country decor. As they’re also called,


tall wooden storage items or armoires are widely utilized in French country decorations. Besides their attractive looks, these products also provide efficient storage alternatives and help make a room look and feel less cluttered up and untidy. You may place vases with finely organized flowers in addition to these armoires, or you could put a potted plant.

As stated, the colors used in French country decor are mostly the ones that are drawn from nature. Besides the typical lavenders and gold, some even choose to use watered down blue and forest green and a dark red, which each also will help deliver an elegant and casual (though also somewhat bolder) look. Using greens or reds can help brighten up the room while for a more neutral effect, it is possible to go with grey or even black.

Home Garb

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