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The Top 10 Gothic Home Decor Ideas

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Dreaming of brightly light dried red roses from a medieval throne seat is sufficient to create the most gruesome damsel weak in the knees.

Gothic Home Decor

There are various kinds of Gothic decorations, ranging from gravestone etched artwork to more controlled Gothic-Victorian themes. Whatever might be the case, if you’re someone – who loves this sort of interior design – then the next ten gothic decorating ideas will be of much benefit to you as well as the undead that cohabitant therein.

Gothic living room

If you enjoy entertaining guests, then a Gothic living room, with oak and mahogany furniture, walls in earth tones, hardwood floors, long candle stands, and large antique chairs, will increase your reputation, one of your friends and family members. You might also go for doorways and window panels, at a rusted, weather-beaten appearance with stained glass picture, to boost this space’s Gothic quotient.

Gothic bedrooms

The Gothic look can also be utilized to achieve an incredibly romantic setting for couples’ bedrooms. Herein, big canopied beds, in old-world versions and rich and comfy fabrics such as satins, matted silks, frothy furs, and velvets, are an absolute must. The lighting should also be gentle, to be able to make a gothic yet intimate mood. Hanging candle lanterns work particularly well.

Exotic, strange, and shocking deadly nightshade flowers and orchids would fit in well. Concerning furnished accessories, you might test out weeping Gothic fountains, gargoyle statuettes, or cast iron seats.

Gothic Bathroom

These baths should, ideally, have big area measurements, to be able to play shadow and light. In such a bathroom, porcelain things are much appreciated. A checkerboard black and white flooring would-be killer. Big mirrors with intricate medieval panels are also preferred here.

Even your container and shower accessories may have medieval signatures or contours of magical creatures. The warm glow of numerous purple and red candles will shimmer off the water surfaces. Utilizing dark candles as well as dragon incense holders operate quite well.

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Gothic kitchen

such a kitchen should perform with many different construction materials that go well with the medieval theme. Most importantly, woodwork is essential to add a touch of rustic simplicity to your kitchen. The cabinets and shelves could take advantage of stone, stained glasses, and wrought iron along with these. Additionally, you could hang your pots and dishes out of a low beam to bring a bit of authenticity to the full look for a Sweeney Todd feel. Even model your kitchen similar to the Vegan Black Metal Chef!

Gothic colors

Oh the horror, you mean there’s a color besides black? The other varieties of dark, vibrant colors go nicely with a Gothic setting. Herein, you might opt to paint your house walls with unique kinds of reds, purples, and rock colors.

Gothic backgrounds

These are, today, abundantly available on the current market, in a high number of exciting patterns and themes. They are affordable to buy, and you can experiment with various kinds of these every month or two.

Gothic Figurines

These can be found in shapes of a high number of mysterious creatures like dragons, gargoyles, skulls, and more.


An easy fireplace, in wooden arched contours, is fantastic for your Gothic home décor. If you wish to go for the Vampire lord kind of texture, take for a ridiculous lion head marble fireplace mantel.

It’s really fun to decorate particularly if your house will represent a specific era. Now that you know the things to be done to make your home changed to a Gothic one, start redecorating.

You can find a lot of those floating shelves online.


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